The Pump Room

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I’ve read quite a few articles about it when I first moved to Chicago and it was a perfect ‘go-to’ restaurant before a long night out. I think I’ve either left trying this restaurant for a later time or thought it might be an over rated restaurant. I couldn’t have been more wrong..

My friend from Dubai was visiting and requested that we go and visit Frank Sinatra’s favourite, the Pump Room. In the 1950s, the Pump Room located in Chicago’s posh Gold Coast neighborhood, was well know for regular out of town celebrities like Frank Sinatra or Sammy Davis Jr. If you have a look at their website, they proudly hosted a long list of celebrities including Marylin Monroe, Grace Kelly, Al Pacino, Queen Elizabeth, Woody Allen, Elizabeth Taylor and the list goes on.. Today, the restaurant continues to receive out of town celebrities and acts as one of Chicago’s see-and-be-seen destinations. Redesigned recently by Ian Schrager, it’s decor is quite intimate, warm and contemporary and will wow any interior design enthusiast.

pump ball

If you follow me on Instagram, you will notice my unexplainable manic obsession with light fixtures that resemble planets, others may call it ‘ball lights’, etc. Ladies and gentlemen, ball-light lovers globally, behold.. The pump room is the mother of ball lights if not exhibiting the ultimate ball/planetary light fixtures one will ever see in it’s restaurant. I-never-want-to-leave…


Fantastic food; simply fantastic, world class deliciousness. I did not have a single complain. Some items on the menu were ordered twice.. three times; the food really impressed me the most including the little ‘hairy’ cheese burgers as I call it- a mini buger with finely grated cheese on top of it that makes it look like hair! My favorite was the salmon on the dinner menu. I can’t explain how beautifully the whole piece melts in your mouth.  Great quality fish and a delightful mix of ingredients creating a heavenly appetizer. The salads were different, light, dreamy and delicious.

When I looked around me, I saw a good mix of fashionably dressed people ranging in age. So you won’t find it to have either a ‘young crowd’ or an ‘older scene’.. it’s a good mix.

pump room 1

The rest of the food ordered was a delight and we were impressed with the New York run kitchen’s ability to integrate the Mid-Western mentality of  the farm-to-table, local-sourcing ethical dinning into their menus. The food concept was created by world-renowned chef and 2011 James Beard award winner Jean-Georges Vongerichten. Original Pump Room menu classics were reinvented and recreated by Jean-Georges providing his special touch and style. They also offer late night tapas style small plates and local, domestic and international draught and bottled beer; specialty cocktails by their in house mixologist all under trendy music.

Open for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, After Work/Happy Hour and weekend Brunch, the restaurant within the PUBLIC Chicago is reasonably priced, relaxed and has a comfortable environment that’s not to miss when visiting.

For Reservations: 312-229-6740

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