A New Way to Eat: Revolution Foods

Consistently eating healthy food is a no-brainer for some people. For others, it is extremely challenging. There are millions of people in the United States who struggle every day with proper nutrition. In 2006, Kristin Groos Richmond and Kirsten Saenz Tobey co-founded Revolution Foods with one goal: to make healthy, delicious food available for everyone at an accessible cost. Their business began in school lunchrooms and has leapt onto grocery store shelves. Keeping in line with their mission, Revolution Foods gives 1% of each sale to fund grants that provide schools with the ability to serve freshly prepared meals.


Breakfast Hero by Revolution Foods pancake mix.

Photo by Revolution Foods

Breakfast Hero

Available in original, multigrain and chocolate multigrain, the Breakfast Hero is essentially thawed pancake batter. So what makes it different? The batter is made without artificial flavors, contains six grams of protein and is made with real eggs and milk. The re-closable spout makes it so easy to pour and place back into the fridge. There is zero waste.

Lunch Bundle by Revolution Foods on the Chicago Chic.

Photo by Revolution Foods

Lunch Bundle

With four lunches to choose from, the lunch bundle is truly grab and go. Each lunch is packed with protein and fiber, has no artificial flavors or preservatives and three of the four lunches are gluten-free! With yummy ingredients like oven roasted turkey, almonds, harvest blend trail mix, chickpeas, dark chocolate raisins, roasted soy nuts, no-nut butter and more, you’ll never look at a Lunchable again. This is the dawning of a new age.

Dinner Hero by Revolution Foods on the Chicago Chic.

Dinner Hero

The Dinner Hero requires a little more work, but is oh so worth it! With Coconut Curry, Fiesta Taco, Sesame Garlic and Smoky Tomato, choosing which to make is the hardest part. I had the opportunity to try all of these and while each is super flavorful and delicious, my favorites were the Fiesta Taco and the Sesame Garlic. I headed to Eataly to pick up the accompanying proteins before I began cooking. The Sesame Garlic suggests adding chicken and the Fiesta Taco recommends using ground beef. I opted for ground pork instead — you can really add any protein that tickles your fancy.

The Fiesta Taco comes with a brown rice and red quinoa blend, tomato sauce and chili pepper, cumin and jalapeño spices. Inside of the Sesame Garlic box you will find a brown and bamboo rice blend, sesame soy sauce and toasted sesame and red pepper spices. To make each mouthwatering dish, cook the rice and when the rice has approximately ten minutes left, cook the protein, adding water, seasoning and the sauce packet near the end. Mix together and serve with your favorite veggies!

Generally I don’t have high hopes for any meal that comes from a box. I was absolutely gobsmacked at the quality and depth of flavors in every meal. Each Dinner Hero was so different and exquisitely balanced. The four portion dinner could easily serve five and takes under thirty minutes to make. Revolution Foods is satisfying tummies all while changing the world one meal at a time.

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