RSVP to Weddings: 3 timeless outfit ideas for guests

I’m so glad that people won’t stop getting married. Gives me a reason to dress up and enter an unintentional fashion show with gorgeous outfits and people to stare at. But I generally find selecting wedding guest outfits a bit stressful despite exciting. A mom of two little humans that are my mini time and energy vampires make finding an outfit a whole project on its on. So here you go, 4 hours down, several Insta-fash-blogger inspirations over the last few seasons and I’ve come to a conclusion on what WILL look cute and turn heads, built for a specific ‘timeless’ mindset rather than age or season. Here are 3 classic styles below guaranteed to make you smile while saving your time:

Uno: Two piece separates

This can be a pant suit, crop top and skirt/culotte/shorts – anything you choose that matches – in top to bottom pattern or solid will guarantee that you stand out. I’m inspired by gorgeous Indian wedding guest dresses, they best wedding ‘celebrators’ of all time and they know how to dress for a wedding party (‘know’ is an understatement). A two piece set is guaranteed to be unique whilst most will go for a dress plus the comfort level for this is probably 9/10.

Reformation Model wears Scout two piece set

Dos: The new LBD- Long sleeves, Floral and Black

Depending on your personal preference, a little black dress used to be a popular no-fail choice until recent trends have semi-crushed it’s appeal. I’m still loyal to the black-dress’ (doesn’t have to be little) mystique and dynamic effect. But I’m only suggesting that we make it less boring- florals are very feminine and almost timeless. Longsleeves add versatility and elegance.

Local Chicagoan Megan Jedlinski wears a Cynthia Rowley High Tide Tiered Ruffle Knee Length Dress – a full sleeve floral print dress. Photo by Brooke Montes

Parisian stylist and blogger Adenorah wears a Kate Spade dress, with longer silhouettes.

Tres: Hollywood Glam classics

Last and absolutely not least, this is for the less reserved. Structured wedding glam might be an ideal option, although this is actually favored by many not limiting the less ambitious. Dynamic and loud, these outfits don’t need pattern or texture, they simply stand out with daring cuts and structure. Perfect with slick hairdos and buns.

Model wears Bali dress by Reformation

Photography for Megan’s outfit above by Brooke Montes


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