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 Sports Jacket + Shirt: Suit Supply | Tie: CH Carolina Herrera | Pocket Square: The Tie Bar | Pin: Vintage | Denim: Levi’s | Bag + Shoes: Cole  Haan

 Socks: Happy Socks | Sunglasses: Ray Ban | Watch: Timex & 120 E Oak


Jon Yeazel



Describe your personal style:

When I do get dressed up, it’s usually a very classic look with updated cuts. I do most of my talking with accessories. I like to be a little different without being over the top. I think that mirrors my personality perfectly. I’m very observant so to me, subtle is what’s sexy.  If you’re in a room with 100 people, one piece of your outfit should be something that only about 2 or 3 of people will notice and really appreciate. Those will usually be the people that you end up clicking with on a deeper level.

I’m a believer that real style spreads much further than just clothing. It usually shows in every area of your life. It’s way more than just the right pair of shoes or how your clothes fit. It’s prevalent in nearly every decision you make in your life.

My style also follows my budget. Being content with the current stage of my life is actually a big part of my personal style. There is no need to look like something your not. It will all come out eventually anyways. I’ve always found this to be the best approach.

What’s the most cherished article of clothing in your closet?: 

It’s actually not an item of clothing. It’s my bag. I’m nearly unemployed if I don’t have my laptop on me.

If I had to pick an item of clothing it would be my double breasted  blazer. DB’s aren’t for the faint of heart so just having one and wearing it well says something about you.

Which shops do you visit regularly?:

I’m pretty tall so It’s hard for me to find stuff that fits me well. Suit Supply is my favorite spot for suits and dress-shirts. They fit better than anywhere else and they get it when it comes to what’s current without being trendy. One place I haven’t been yet in Chicago but want to is MEYVN in Wicker Park. I heard their founder Noah Zagor speak at an event a few months ago and I could tell he has a great sense of what’s cool and different.

What music keeps you going?:

I almost always prefer African American singers. It’s almost like you can hear the struggle in their voices. It’s very authentic and very real, because it was and is real. Lauryn Hill is my favorite singer of all time. She’s intelligent, beautiful, and has a great story to tell. John Legend falls into that same category.

I love that music can take you back to certain times in your life where you were on like a 6-8 month grind. It brings back that sense of pride you get from making it through those times and allows you to live in that moment for a few minutes without actually being there (which in most cases wasn’t fun) lol…

Currently reading:

I’m not reading anything at the moment, but the most recent book I read was Business Model Generation. I’m really big on the Fireside Chats on Pando Daily’s You Tube channel right now though. It features 1-2 hour interviews with thought leaders in the entrepreneurial and start-up community like Chris Sacca, Elon Musk and Neil Blumenthal. Guys that not a lot of people know about but I personally admire their stories and try to glean from their success as much as possible.

One piece of advice:

I think the best thing any guy can do, whether he’s been into menswear for 10 days or 10 years is to find someone who you think has a great sense of style and ask them what they think you would look best in if they had to dress you for a day. As guys most of us are creatures of habit and we tend to stick with what we know works.

It’s hard to see yourself from a different point of view, but it’s really easy for someone else to do that for you. And don’t worry, guys who are into the menswear scene will gladly offer some tips. Guys always enjoy talking about things they know a lot about.




 Location: Millenium Park / Chicago

Photography: Max Sawa

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