Platform Sandals: Summer’s Cool Girl Trend

It seems like just last week the temperatures were hovering around the low 50’s. But over the past couple weeks, Chicago summer has hit the city in full force. Every year the rapid change from spring to summer seems to take me by surprise, and every year I quickly remember all the joys that come along with this season. Summertime Chi means weekends spent at the beach, neighborhood festivals, and, of course, summer fashion. Summer 2016 was all about the cropped tops and high-waisted shorts, but summer 2017 is all about the resurgence of 90’s fashion.

I was born in 1992, so I had some time to enjoy the fashion trends of the decade. The biggest 90’s trends I can remember are chokers, flared jeans, and platform shoes. I can still recall how much I loved my platform Skechers sneakers. Did any of you have those? Little did I know, 20 years later platforms would make a comeback in a big way.

I snatched up these Bershka platform sandals when I was in Madrid this past Spring. There are a lot of ways to style these chunky shoes, but summer in the city doesn’t mess around which means the more skin the better. I love how they look with any summer staples, especially baby doll dresses!

Here are some other options:

If you’re not a huge dress fan, platforms also look great with shorts, skirts, and rompers! Essentially, there’s no wrong way to wear these bad boys. You can also find them in a ton of fun prints and colors.

Platforms pack a big punch when it comes to a shoe trend. They’re trendy, comfortable, and they can take you from 5’4″ to 5’6″ in a moment. Don’t worry, platform shoes aren’t only for sandals. You can also grab a pair of platform sneakers, slip-ons, or oxfords!

Would you try this new shoe trend? How would you rock it?

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