Women’s Sunglasses for 2015

Courtesy Christian Roth

We’re beginning to see little signs of spring, and hurrah for every spotting of budding or bloom! Although it felt like we were in for a tough winter in January, we were blessed to have milder weather this year, which prepares us fully to get in to a spring mood earlier than expected. This post is long due, my dear reader and I should have written it much earlier. A pair of sunglasses can change your look instantly and take you from feeling drab to uber chic.

I also wanted to share with you some facts and tips from that I have picked up, working in a popular Sunglass Store for the last year and more. Having a good coat, a scarf, and some gloves might protect you from the Chicago cold, but you might be forgetting another accessory to protecting your eyes. Some of you might not know, but the glare from the snow is just as damaging as the glare from the sun. According to The Washington Post, Dora Adamopoulos, an optometrist in Alexandria, stated that snow-covered surfaces reflect up to 80 percent of UV rays, rather than the quarter that are reflected off sand or water. Working all those hours at this store has trained me in picking out the best sunglasses for the winter season. Here are some things to consider. 


  • When it comes to sunnies, polarized is key. Polarization helps minimize glare from the sun, but for the winter months- glare from the sun and snow. This will give you clear vision and also help protect your eyes from damaging rays. Also, you can transition this style for any season. 
  • Consider colors. It’s so easy to fall into the black & grey months, but make sure you pop some color with your accessories. A nice deep red or a funky colored polarised lens will surely break that up. Experiment with texture as well!
  • Go bold and flashy but don’t go over the top. Stick with something that is comfortable since this accessory stays on your face. That’s the best advice anyone gave me- comfort is key.

I won’t bore you with a long list of sunglasses suited for 2015.. So here are my top picks for statement pieces and overall style.



A reflective lens adds that extra pop and they’ve been very popular recently. The Ray bans are the obvious option that everyone goes for, but I thought I’d change it up a bit. In this case, the frame and the lens mirror off each other. If you’re mad about the frame, so are we. But here’s also an alternative (Prada) that is easy to find, considering these bad-ass Kenzos are almost sold out everywhere. We cry!


Roberto Cavalli

These elegant sunglasses by Cavalli are remarkably feminine and elegant… I think that’ enough said! Plus the two tone, dip-dye effect gives you the best of both (color) worlds! You can easily transition with these beauties from wintery months to spring… and soon into summer.



You know what? These Prada jeweled bad boys are continuing their trend that started 2014. I will be very happy if I see more sparkly people around, with their bling!



Tortoise shell has always been a stable in eyewear. Go out the box and get a funky shell frame to add something extra for your wardrobe.


House Of Holland 

This season, several designers were inspired by the Bridget Bardot look of the 50’s and 60’s like Altuzarra, Michael Kors and Diane von Furstenberg. These flirty yet unique pair are meant to be a show-stopping accessory for all fashion lovers, especially those who particularly enjoy the 50’s style… House of Holland gives you a pair (affordable) that are not only stylish but elegant and can be worn with technically any outfit. Bonus- cat eye effect, meow!


Christian Roth

Popular amongst fashion bloggers and the fashion world, Christian Roth has been making waves with his Fly Girls and Popular pop. Not only do they carry a great, stylish sunglasses, but they have also been great with their optical and spectacle collection. You’re sure to stay unique with any Christian Roth specs or Sunglasses. We’ve chosen here the fly-girl which is a cool, subtle winter shade that seamlessly blends in to softer shades of spring and onto this years’ Spring/Summer pastels.


Hussein Chalayan

This look is for my fashionistas. Bold and out there, plus it works as a headband as well. Great for winter… can cover your ears and keep them warm, while keeping your hair away in summer.  A sweet transition. Although this is practical and fashionable, it is currently not for sale.. but keep a very keen eye out.. we suspect this being everyone’s favorite yet! Currently either sold out or not available for sale, here’s the next best thing: ribbon sunglasses by Alain Mikli

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