4 Famous Chicago Landmarks You Can Now Drink at The Florentine

There’s nothing more exasperating than the prevention of success. When Sarah Landry, beverage director of The Florentine, was conceptualizing the current cocktail menu she hit a wall when developing the flavor profile for the scotch forward libation that would come to be known as The Tribune. Like many creative geniuses before her, she couldn’t decide how to finish it. Then one day she had a revelation. As she was sitting in a booth at the restaurant eating an arugula and beet salad prepared by executive chef Zachery Walrath, she realized exactly what the drink needed – golden beets. It was a huge success. This cocktail also boasts notes of fennel simple syrup, lemon juice and grapefruit bitters, and is one of the most celebrated drinks on the menu.

This is a restaurant review about The Florentine by Leah Nolan of the Chicago Chic.

The rest of the cocktail list pays homage to famous Chicago landmarks. The 606, an urban collection of bike trails complete with art instillations is represented in liquid form with Belle Meade whiskey, Mallarco melon tea, Domaine de Canton liqueur and orange bitters. It has great depth and the flavors are complex.

The Carbide and Carbon, a Grey Goose Vodka cocktail that features house made sorbet, lemon and Avissi Prosecco is light and refreshing. The bubbles in this polished libation are a nod to the building’s exterior, which was designed to look like a champagne bottle. Much like the art deco architecture of the high-rise today, this drink could stand the test of time.

Woodford Reserve bourbon is the base of The Board of Trade. With Tempus Fugit Gran Classico bitter liqueur, old-fashioned bitters and Italian vermouth, this cocktail is smooth and meant to be sipped. But don’t sip too soon! The bartender lights an orange peel on fire to garnish the drink.

As the season progresses the cocktail menu at The Florentine will change. There are only a few weeks left to experience this boozy architectural tour before the stars realign and give way to planetary exploration in Landry’s next solar system themed bar menu.

Notable Bar Bites

The cocktail and food menus work together at this seasonal Italian restaurant. Skipping the food would be a mistake. No one should leave hungry when there are expertly prepared fresh ingredients to be had.

This is a restaurant review about The Florentine by Leah Nolan of the Chicago Chic.

The Burrata

The preparation of this dish is a shining example of farm-to-table done right. The tomatoes are roasted on the vine and served next to a creamy mozzarella that sits in a luxurious pool of basil pesto. The crispy crust of the fettunta (grilled bread) is a hearty vessel on which to spread the accompanying ingredients. The first bite begins with a satisfying crunch and ends with a soft medley of balanced flavors.

 Peach Pizza

 This happiness invoking pizza is topped with mozzarella and Taleggio cheeses. Their mild and delectable flavors give way to the saltiness of the prosciutto. Topped with slices of mouthwatering baked peaches, toothsome arugula and drizzled with honey, everything compiled on the homemade crust is a success.

 Grilled Octopus

Perhaps one of the most creative grilled octopus preparations in the city, this antipasti is exciting and distinct. Served atop crispy fingerling potatoes, the squid houses a sunny side up egg and nduja, and is drizzled with a generous helping of saffron aioli and hazelnut salsa verde. The hazelnuts add an unexpected smoky crunch.

151 West Adams Street, Chicago, IL 60603

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