The Public Hotel

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10 Decor & Design
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7 Service
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Nestled in Chicago’s chic Gold Coast neighborhood that exudes old European charm, The Public Stands proudly- hotel that has been around for decades and recently refurbished by Ian Shrager. This stylish hotel maintains it’s reputation & charm with a rich cultural heritage that spans decades, both hotel and the Pump Room was a place to see and be seen and played host to a multitude of celebrities and people from all over the world. Frank Sinatra was a regular visitor and diner at the Hotel’s famed Pump Room restaurant, with a special seating area reserved almost always exclusively.

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Chicago is known to be less pretentious than NY or LA- so even the most boutique or luxurious of spaces have a very easy going vibe. The Public’s interior design is not one that boasts works of art of it’s walls, instead memories of previous guests and friends of the hotel (check out a fantastic collection of black & white photos by the pump room of celebrities). Effortlessly chic, unpretentious and incredibly comfortable, the hotel’s service is also quite friendly and easy going, mirroring it’s style and space.

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