Tina & Mark’s VMR Chicago

VMR Showroom

VMR (Vintage, Modern, Resale) is a by-appointment showroom featuring designer clothing and accessories ranging from vintage to current season collections from major design houses. This concept was set up by friends and partners Mr. Mark Gill, a well known Chicago based stylist  Ms. Tina Kourasis, a well known Chicagoan. They also offer fine jewelry from Sabbia to complement the clothing as well as Ellie perfume.  Gill continues to add items that he feels reflect the showroom and the collectors’ sensibility as the showroom’s creative director.

Mark & Tina were inspired to set up VMR by all of their friends and clients who were dissatisfied with resale so they created a solution that would allow them to sell and shop at the same time. Let’s get to know them a bit more:

Their style words? “Our style is clean, minimalist, cool”. What makes Chicago makes it so special? I have always lived in Chicago and Mark has been here for over 20 years. Chicago is a beautiful city with sophisticated people. It is friendly, livable and worldly. We have everything at our fingertips. Being in fashion, what do you think of Chicago’s style/fashion scene recently? Chicago is feeling a resurgence in terms of high fashion. Tom Ford opened on Oak Street, Saint Laurent is coming next. It is a destination location for fashion connoisseurs. I’m going to ask you a stylists question that we would all enjoy. How can a woman turn heads? Keep it simple. A bright white shirt. A well tailored pant. A beautifully shaped bootie or pump. That’s all you really need.

VMR mark and tina
I like the KISS theory- Keep It Simple, Sister!

Chicago winters… are beautiful from the inside looking out. Your take on Chicago’s special bits- this question is from that visitor coming soon We would take visitors to our fabulous hotel bars and favorite restaurants. I would take a music lover to our famous blues bars.

Success Roll- how do you manage your stress at work, what keeps you going, stress free? We are never stress free. The key is to know when to take a break or to turn things off. It is important to set limits. It’s ok to work out, take a dinner break or pick up your kids from school. What tips do you have for aspiring entrepreneurs like you? Timing is everything. Be patient. A good accountant and PR person is key.

VMR tina white dress

The VMR showroom is located on the 7th floor at 34 E. Oak St, Chicago, IL.

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