The perfect Crepe at Toni Patisserie

It’s no secret that our entire team at The Chicago Chic has a sweet tooth, but there is one treat that is a step above the rest — the mighty crepe. This favorite treat originated in the French province of Brittany and has since taken over the world with sweet and savory options. Nutella and strawberries or bananas? Check. Cheese, turkey and eggs? Check.. you’ve got endless options. However, in the very recent years, the crepe has elevated it’s repute and turned into a glamorous #instafood craze, the crepe cone. Filled with similar delicious toppings, usually fresh and sweet, the crepe cone has a sweet spot in almost everyone’s heart that’s tried it.
To get a taste of this delicacy you don’t have to travel overseas. At Toni Patisserie and Cafe, you’ll find the perfect crepe made exactly the same as you would expect in France. Nestled in the heart of the Loop, Toni’s was founded by a passionate pastry Chef Toni Cox, a celebrated pastry chef and artist who was flown over for the opening of Disneyland Paris’s Hotel. Her pastry style and recipes are reminiscent of your typical French cafe with experience in French establishments under her belt.
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The quaint Parisian cafe offers both sweet and savory crepes ranging in fillings from ham, mushrooms, egg, and cheese, to strawberry and cream.

For the summer, Toni Patisserie always adds fresh items on the menu. This summer, it’s three classic recipes to their crepe menu: Peaches ‘n Cream, Summer Strawberry and Blueberry Bliss. The crepes are served cold in cones wrapped in a Parisian newspaper. We found the presentation delightful and undoubtedly Instagram worthy.

Toni Patisserie Café is located just steps away from the Millennium Park, be sure to stop by and grab one on the way to a movie night on the park or a stroll

​along the Lakefront​.

And yes… they taste even better than they look!


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