Top 10 Nightlife Cities To Visit This Year

If you’re one for partying and treat the whole world as a dance floor, take a look at some of the best cities to visit this season to have a wild nightlife experience. All of the mentioned cities also have a lot of great tourist attractions and you can combine the fun party spirit with some interesting sightseeing.

Las Vegas

Is there any way not to include Las Vegas on this list? The hot spot of unimaginable party life, this is the place to go to experience it all. Casinos, clubs, neon lights, nightclubs and beautiful girls are just the beginning when it comes to real partying in Las Vegas. But try to stay safe and protect yourself if you plan to get really wild.

Las Vegas nightlife

New Orleans

If you want a bit safer atmosphere than the one in Las Vegas, but still seek for a place to dance and drink till you drop, New Orleans is the place for you. A birthplace of jazz, this city will allow you to get wild and ecstatic till some very late hours. Don’t get too full on barbeque sausages, though, your stomach might not be able to take it.

New Orleans nightlife


Jumping to the other side of the world, nightlife in Tokyo is there to welcome you with its versatility and international spirit. You have the option to choose from various themed bars and nightclubs, taste unfamiliar drinks and experience the unique ways this city can party. There’s nothing like it around the world. Literally. If you stumble upon some host clubs, you’d probably think that you’re in an anime show.



From rowdy nightclubs that serve alcohol till late hours of the night to an elegant experience of sipping champagne in 1920s Paris style, you cannot go wrong by visiting the capital of Thailand this year.

Bangkok nightlife


Nightclubs in Dubai might close around 3 am but what they have to offer is definitely worth the visit. The world’s best DJs can throw a great party while you can find any type of fun and music by simply walking down the street. Unlike other places, Dubai can be physically challenging in aspects other than alcohol – are you ready to dance all night?

St. Petersburg

Don’t fear the Russian cold because the friendliness of the people and the warmth of alcoholic beverages will make the cold disappear. Various types of nightclubs are there to choose from and most of them are open till morning. Also, no, vodka is not the only drink served there.

St Petersburg

Rio de Janeiro

You might think that all in store for you in Rio de Janeiro is samba dance, but, even though you can move your hips till you drop, there are many other options to enjoy nightlife to the fullest. Definitely check out cocktail parties at the beaches, which will make you forget that it’s fall. Still, refrain from drunken night swimming. If you’re in a pool with other people, then it’s fine but stay away from the ocean.

Rio nightlife


If you’re a night owl looking for some fun, Madrid will definitely have something for you. No one even thinks of going out before 2 am there. The streets are vibrant, filled with people and music till morning hours and the variety of bars and clubs is incredible.

Madrid nightlife


As a place that gathers so many different cultures, Sydney is a perfect spot to experience various kinds of nightlife fun. From regular bars to neon and funky clubs and opera houses, you’ll have your hands full trying to experience everything. What’s more, many affordable boutique hotels in Sydney have their own clubs, which makes them perfect for some quality after party fun. Not to mention that you’ll have a place to rest your drowsy head at your reach.

Sydney nightlife


You might associate London with gloomy rain and especially so during the fall, but the nightlife is a completely different story. Soho and West End bars will make your head spin while you can also get your share of funky moves at DJ clubs and similar hot spots. A friendly reminder, though – cockney can become a little bit more difficult to follow once you’re three sheets to the wind.

London nightlife

If you want to experience something completely different and get a unique taste of nightlife that you’re unfamiliar with, make sure to visit some of the above-mentioned places and make your own party mark on your world map.

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