Top Face Oil remedies for Chicago Winters

I come from the Middle East where it’s hot and sticky most of the time. My pores are used to the frequent oils and moisture naturally produced from within. But what happens when you live in icy cold temperatures and exposed to dry heat almost all day with little to no effect from humidifiers? Besides checking yourself often into a steam bath spa, there are ways in which you can protect your skin. My favourite recently has been skin oils (something my skin has forgotten to produce for a while). So what are the benefits of these oils, really? Here’s some advice from Dermatologist David Colbert, founder of Colbert M.D. Skincare, an article featured on

Those tiny bottles of oil that promise a youthful complexion are not of the snake variety anymore. Dermatologist David Colbert, the founder of Colbert M.D. Skincare, who has studied the skin-care and anti-aging benefits of face oils for 15 years, explains how they benefit the skin.


1. Free Radical Protection

“Many botanical oils, including argan, passion fruit, and African marula oils, are potent antioxidants. In the morning, massage a few drops onto clean skin, wait two minutes, and apply sunscreen or foundation as usual.”

2. Improved Skin Tolerance

“Oils can prevent the irritation caused by some anti-aging ingredients. Argan, yangu, and borage-seed oils all decrease inflammation. Smooth one on after your nightly anti-aging treatment. A few drops will be enough to cover your face and calm the skin.”

3. Plumping Skin

“In your late 30s, wrinkles suddenly look deeper because the skin’s natural oils decrease, the moisture barrier breaks down, and the skin dries out. Most creams contain a little oil, but not enough to make a big difference in water loss. Because oils are lipophilic, or fat loving, they pass though the lipid layer of the skin faster, preventing water loss and plumping skin with moisture more effectively. Olive and coconut oils are great moisturisers.”


4. Better Absorption

“If you apply an oil before your anti-aging cream, the oil molecules behave like tiny Trojan horses, tricking the skin into letting active ingredients—like retinol, glycolic acid, and vitamin C—deeper into the skin and closer to the collagen-producing fibroblasts, all without irritating the surface.”
I was introduced to Argan oil at a very young age since it’s quite popular in Egypt. Mum used Clarin’s face oil when I was younger and I thought she didn’t know what she was doing considering that she had an oily T-zone. Now I get it mum, thanks! From the products featured, I tried the Triolgy Rosehip oil (an oil that’s all the hype right now, even more than Argan) but found it to be too smelly after application. Aesop’s oil smells really nice but I felt it’s weight slightly heavier than usual. Only if you have very dry skin, I suggest you use Coconut or Olive oil, they are light it’s true but still heavy enough for your skin to easily absorb and therefore leaves your face a little shiny. Botanical oils are the way to go! I am currently trying the deliciously smelling A’kin Rosehip oil which is so quickly absorbed into your skin in no time and you notice a difference in your skin’s texture almost immediately.
I’m yet to test the Rodin, Ole Henriksen’s “truth Serum”, Fresh’s Oils and Sunday Riley! But here’s a review by trusty Christine Mielke from Temptalia, on the Ole Henrikens Oil:
It’s just a product where a little goes a long way, particularly because of how easily spreadable the liquid is. It’s very water-like, so it just slides and covers well without needing gobs of it. 
The Truth Serum smells like orange citrus, not overly sweet but definitively orange-like, so it’s pleasant, subtle, and doesn’t linger for long. Like the brand promises, it also absorbs incredibly quickly (that’s probably my favorite characteristic). I saw some brightening and evening out of my skin tone. I know some people have recommended using this alone, as both a serum and a moisturizer, but Ole Henriksen suggests applying face/eye cream after this (per the brand’s website). If you have oilier skin, you could more likely get away with it as a two-in-one product. My more normal-to-dry skin needed this plus a regular moisturizer.With vitamin C products, you have to watch for whether it includes a stabilized form of vitamin C, which this does in the forms of sodium ascorbyl phosphate and calcium ascorbate. Sodium hylauronate is an excellent hydrator, which is likely one of the reasons that those who need less hydration can get away with using this alone.  The product has a lot of excellent, good-for-your-skin ingredients, and the best part is that they’re listed in the beginning of the ingredient’s list–not the end!For me, I did not have powerful enough results to merit $48 every three weeks, but brightening can be difficult to “see” and gauge, especially when after only three weeks (but I had no more!).  It gets a lot of rave reviews (and a friend’s raves is what made me want to try it myself!), though, and with the strength of the ingredient list, I’d still say it’s worth checking out.

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