Top Tips for the Solo Female Digital Nomad in the USA

Solo Female Digital Nomad in the USA

The digital nomad lifestyle has been on the rise in the last decade as more and more people decide to take advantage of a lifestyle that offers great opportunities to travel and work.

Even though most digital nomads are men, women have started to embrace this way of life too. There is a certain amount of reluctance among them as they are maybe more cautious than men when it comes to changing their stable and secure life for the one that is location-independent but also riskier.

However, the life of a digital nomad also has many benefits for women, such as great freedom and flexibility regarding the work schedule, lots of opportunities for meeting new people and a boost of confidence in one’s own abilities.

Life and work on the go can become quite hectic so it’s highly important to be well equipped and organized. Here are several tips that can help any female solo digital nomad to stay on top of her game.

Solo Female Digital Nomad, USA

Dealing with the daily struggles

Unfortunately, our world is far from an egalitarian place we would like it to be, so harassment is a frequent occurrence for women digital nomads. From Columbia to India and Colorado, dangers lurk everywhere, varying cultural perceptions of women are inevitable and everyone deals with them in different ways. One of the best ways to feel safe is to reach out to the locals and other female travelers.

These are the people who can give you up-to-date information regarding places that have a bad reputation and should be avoided. It does become frustrating to have to constantly experience unfair and uncomfortable treatment, but it also helps build resilience and self-confidence. Most female digital nomads say that it’s not a daily matter and that the benefits of travel, exploration, new knowledge and experiences far outweigh any risks.

Solo Female Digital Nomad, USA

Essential equipment

Being on the go and having a location-independent job means you will find yourself in places that may not have all the best conditions for work, so it’s essential you get well equipped. Whether you choose to get paid to take surveys, write blogs, teach or provide professional services, you need a good Internet connection.

However, in many areas, it’s quite slow, so you can take advantage of local hotspots that can help you access data services by using telephone carriers of the country you’re currently in. Don’t compromise on this, as good connectivity is crucial for you to get work done and not lose your clients and income.

Furthermore, as you need to be constantly in touch with your clients and team, and be able to send reports, invoices or articles, you’ll benefit greatly from using various apps and business tools that can do all the heavy work for you. Make sure you have ample storage on your smartphone, laptop or desktop computer to store them all.

Other gadgets that can make your digital nomadic life very practical are noise canceling headphone to block out distractions if you have to work in a public place and a set of great stereo speakers if you’re in a secluded place and you need some musical background to boost your productivity. Also, a wireless mouse comes in handy as it eliminates messy cords.

The final crucial ingredient is power availability, which is not always guaranteed. As a digital nomad, you need to be able to work in all situations, including when there are power cuts. Therefore, it’s essential you have country-specific power adaptor to be able to plug in and a spare battery pack in case you find yourself in a remote place with no power lines.

Solo Female Digital Nomad, USA

Coworking space

Being an independent digital nomadess doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be alone all the time. If you love being surrounded by people and feel more inspired and productive amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life, choose to share a coworking space with other nomads and freelancers. You can easily find online recommendations for popular coworking spots in all major cities around the world that also includes bars and coffee shops and provides information regarding Wi-Fi speed.

Life is unpredictable and a nomadic lifestyle isn’t for everyone, but it does offer great freedom and opportunities to learn, grow and develop your skills.

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