The Transgender limelight has finally arrived

In the recent years, society has been a lot more accepting for gay culture to a point where it’s become a norm. Even in the Middle East where it’s considered a topic that could not be discussed or tolerated, let alone accepted. The freedom that the LGBT community received over the years is admirable and I am so proud of their achievements, the challenges they had to face and more.

In recent months, I’ve noticed that the transgender community is finally receiving the attention and acceptance it needed. Laverne Cox from Orange is the new Black (below) has played a successful role in the TV series which takes the viewer on the very journey that Laverne’s character, Sophia,  had to go through in order to be who she is and stay happy. Who can’t not like Sophia in the series? I love her!


Transgender are now receiving a lot more publicity and through publicity.. comes a lot more acceptance. Gone are the days when people would joke about drag queens. Chicago is one great city that shows acceptance and respect for people despite it being labeled as conservative. I am speaking for the city of Chicago, at least.. not too sure about Illinois as a whole. I was at Ann Taylor (a high street shop in the US) the other day looking for some leggings and had the most helpful sales assistant who happened to be transgender and proud. A similar scenario repeat at a cafe (can’t remember if it was a Starbucks). Energetic and hardworking, their time to be accepted and integrate within popular culture as well as day-to-day society has finally come! Hurrah to that-  another reason for me to celebrate.


Lastly, check out Laverne.. she’s now over joyed to make Emmys history on Thursday by becoming the first openly transgender person to score a nomination for her role in “Orange Is the New Black.”

Here’s a song from Europe’s hottest artist at the mo, Conchita Wurst. Enjoy!


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