Urban Jungle

Growing up in a Chicagoland suburb, I had the convenience of being able to travel 30 minutes into the heart of Chicago or 30 minutes in the opposite direction to a forest preserve…errr corn field. Regardless of what the setting was, I’ve always been a fan of just escaping my daily routine for a quick jaunt. There’s something so comforting about it. Every city needs a refuge for its inhabitants to relax, unwind, and be at peace with nature. Since I’ve moved to New York City a little under a year ago, that place in the Big Apple has become Central Park.

For me, Central Park is something greater than just a famous park to check off a list while visiting New York City. It’s no longer just a backdrop for countless movies and TV shows. For me, this massive 843 acre green rectangle is a place to get lost, to unwind, and escape the city. Within minutes of entering, you are transported from a world with skyscrapers, honking cabs, and masses of people into vast fields, woodlands, and rocky outcrops of glacially scarred Manhattan bedrock amongst diverse flora and fauna.  Truly creating an urban jungle, in every sense of the term.










To adventure through my urban jungle, I’ve teamed up with Timberland who’s been at the forefront of outdoor apparel. I’m sure as you’re reading this you’re having major flashbacks to the infamous Timberland boot that has graced many hip-hop music videos and quickly became a 90s staple for a lot of us. You can have you moment of nostalgia, but the brand has evolved into something so much more. Keeping its outdoor heritage and commitment to functionality, Timberland is serving up some some seriously stylish gear that will transition from your urban escapades to rugged adventures seamlessly.

For my look, I’ve paired a solid white shirt, grey wool sweater, and an impressive Harris Tweed (handwoven by islanders at their homes in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland) down vest for fall’s variable daily temps. One of my favorite pieces of the look has to be my footwear. The West Haven boot ensure my feet stay dry with its waterproof construction, all while maintaining a sleek and modern silhouette.










BoltonMountain Down Vest | Thames River Lambswool Sweater | West Haven 6-Inch Waterproof Boots | Newmarket Watch 












Photography: Jocelyn Smith Photography

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