What to Wear When You Have Nothing Else to Wear

I snoozed my alarm way too many times this morning and my time to get ready is cut in half. I can’t style my hair the way Ive been wanting to all week because it’ll take too much time; meaning I can’t wear the printed crop top with the matching bell-bottom trousers I just bought. Or maybe I can just wear my favorite black midi-skirt with the off-the-shoulder, white, eyelet top and the pointed toe heels? But that does not go with bed head, plus those pointed toe heels start to hurt after an hour and half, and I have a lot of running around to do today.

Today I have a morning meeting, lunch with my best friend, a dentist appointment, my cousin came into town and I promised her that I’ll take her exploring the city, and to end the busy day, I have a rooftop party this evening. Oh, and the weather app said it is going to be 86 degrees. Right now I seriously hate every single thing in my closet and I feel the urge to want to re-do my whole wardrobe. Okay, I’m being dramatic, but the thought process of getting dressed can be so overwhelming!! Once I start to over-think, everything doesn’t appear good enough and I just want to rip my hair out! I’m in the need of something that is easy, functional and will keep me cool. I could just put on a pair of dressy-looking shorts and my creme-colored tank top? But no- that’s way too easy. I want to look like I actually tried and didn’t just go for the basics.


I’m filing through every single item in closet over and over again, almost as if something new is going to appear out of no where. The clock is ticking and the pressure to pull myself together intensifies. I have no make-up on and I need to save at least 7 minutes to order an Uber and wait for it to arrive so I can leave the house by exactly 9:15. Suddenly, the vibrant colors and bold patterns of the caftan I bought from the new vintage store down the street seems particularly appealing for this summer day.


I put it on and instantly revisit the same heavenly feeling I did the day I bought it. The caftan touches floor so that means I do not have to stress about putting together an outfit that requires a top and a bottom. The colors are uplifting and cheerful, very fitting for a warm, sunny Chicago summer day. Because the material is so thin and floats away from the body, its the best thing for me to stay cool. Because of it’s longer length, and dramatic shape, it is perfect to go out in for the evening.  I throw on my black platform sandals, because I know they are comfortable and easy to walk in. Ahhh-maze-ing, and I am still feeling stylish, knowing this caftan will effortlessly carry me through the day’s summer scheduled events.  Now I want to buy like a million more!


I slick my hair back, throw on my shades, and head out the door. The look is put together and still makes a statement. In need of the perfect place to find a caftan? Try the retro boutique, Lost Girls Vintage, which is where I picked the one I am wearing photographed above. They have a great selection of all things vintage, where you’ll find pieces from the past that you get to give a new life. At Lost Girls Vintage you’ll find summer caftans from all over the world, such as Turkey and Morocco, that date back to 60’s and 70’s.

I am declaring the caftan a summer wardrobe necessity; it’ll save you time to get ready in the morning and its a fun alternative to the maxi-dress!



photography by: Sam Kfare

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