Windy City Chic

Chic Windy Red Dress
Chic Windy Red Dress
Chic Windy Red Dress

Ok, it’s not THAT windy in this city, but you can very often and very easily find yourself caught in a windy situation where the wind blows as though it’s your karma getting back at you! I live right by the lake so you can only but imagine what happens when it’s a chilling -16 Degrees C and the wind is picking up. I feel like it’s sometimes the angry Gods, taking it all out and sharply on me ๐Ÿ™ ย But then on the bright side, when it’s really hot and sticky- guess who enjoys a lovely burst of cool breeze (wind)! Well, that’s when I think the wind is flirty and keeps playing with my skirts. I live in a little dream world where I name my furniture and home accessories. I’ve managed to convince myself that if I somehow ‘feel’ the wind in Chicago and just imagine that it’s either had a bad day or is in a naughty mood- it just makes this windy city (in the winter months, mind you) so much more bearable!

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