The World’s Best Cruise Holidays for 2017/2018


No longer just something your grandpa does to celebrate retirement, cruises have become a lot more varied and they offer a great range of programs and entertainment for people of any age, and any particular set of interests. They’re the perfect luxurious way to treat yourself for the holidays, as they offer incredible sights, adventure, and pretty fun experiences that you can brag to your friends about. Want to enjoy a cruise but not sure which destination to pick? We’ve got you covered right here.



If you really want to experience incredible beauty, foreign culture, and vividness, then the land of the Tsars should be one of your destinations. A cruise that goes along the Volga River from Moscow to St. Petersburg will show you the wonders of Kremlin, the Red Square, the Catherine Palace and Hermitage. Book a cruise that includes nights in both of the iconic cities, and let a guide show you around beautiful towns, churches and monasteries to really get a feel for the beautiful Russian culture and architecture.

Moscow, Russia cruise


Australia is one of the most amazing places that you can visit, and booking a cruise that lets you see the wonders of the Sydney Opera House, the South Island’s waterfalls, and lets you explore the Aboriginal culture is bound to be one of the most adventurous voyages you can take. Find the best cruise deals for 2018 and enjoy the fun and the beauty that Australia can offer. You can also find a cruise that takes you to see both New Zealand and Australia and shows you the beauty of the Great Barrier Reef, the urban atmosphere of cities like Sydney and Melbourne, or the breathtaking scenic nature of New Zealand, famous for the fact that most of the Lord of the Rings sets were filmed there.

Sydney, Australia cruise


For fans of history and beautiful scenery, a Canada and New England cruise can offer anything they’ve ever dreamed of, and more. Going in fall has a really special kind of charm, and you can opt, for example, to sail from Southampton in UK, or maybe book a voyage from New York to Quebec City that includes a night or two in Toronto. Have some fun on the sea as you sail and gaze at beautiful port towns like Boston, Portland, St John, and Halifax and learn about the rich history of these places as you enjoy yourself.

Vancouver, Canada cruise

The Pacific Ocean

Want a sun-filled trip that’s full of fun, beaches and spectacular views? Go on a Pacific Ocean cruise and make sure to visit the beautiful islands of New Caledonia and Tahiti. There’s a tradition on Tahiti, of wearing the Tiare flower (Tahitian gardenia) around your neck, behind your ear, or as a flower crown. If you wear the flower behind your left ear it indicates that you’re taken, and if you wear it behind the right, it means you’re single. So there you go, if you’re setting out on a cruise in search of true love, Tahiti is full of vibrant, young people who are considered to be one of the most attractive ones in the world. The islands are both very exclusive and there’s a well-developed entertainment industry, and any party-loving person will find plenty of fun things to do there.

Tahiti, Pacific cruise


Did you know that Scotland’s national animal is the unicorn? Home to the largest number of redheads in the world and apparently mythical creatures, Scotland is as magical as it sounds with its lush greenery, old castles and numerous little islands. If you’re a fan of golf, you’re in luck because the roots of it actually start there, all the way back in 15th century. A cruise that takes you all around the Scottish isles and lets you enjoy the unique beaches and the traditional sound of bagpipes is a lovely idea if you want something that’s both adventurous and a little romantic.

Scotland cruise

Nothing like a cruise to celebrate a holiday. It lets you have a ton of fun and indulge your wanderlust, and it’s the perfect way to create great memories.

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